All New Concept LLC [ANC]

A powerful Workforce Empowerment Provider offering Job Search Job Readiness solutions.
Enabling our clients to focus on their company's core competencies while we provide the integral details of workforce development, preparing individuals for employment through our one-week (5 days, 24 hours, 4 to 5 hours) JSJR sessions.
Having 15 years of proven experience, ANC's track record provides quality, measurable organizational-valued deliverables to our clients with major cost-effectiveness.
Powered by 'KISS the STAR' – "Approach to Answering Interview Questions."
Utilizing ANC's © 2013 workforce development process, assisting individuals, allowing them to become self-sufficient through gainful employment, with or without a GED/Diploma regardless of past criminal background(s) on any level (County, State or Federal) previously hindering advancement as well as re-entry into the workforce.

Through empowering and enabling with information, tips, tools, applicable training to receive higher-than-minimum wages, and selling skills that are essential and required for potential employment.